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MOW: Modules of the Week

As an awesome person, and as an attention-whore, like naturally every person should be, I have decided to do a thing to attract some attention. Modules of the Week, you request something, and I deliver it within a week. This week: Carina requested a non-block module for her Sierra-based-interface game. Within 32 minutes, it was delivered.

Instructions: -Import the module -Create two properties, walktox,walktoy, integers with default values of -1000 each. -Instead of setting the hotspot walk to x point, you set the values to the walktox and walktoy properties. -Works with Characters and Objects.


Introduction: Part One

Note that this is an important paragraph. And nothing, but nothing at all, should state otherwise. I welcome you, at this ridiculous blog of mine, where I may rant on silly ideas and silly stuff in general. I'm also blogging for the AGS blog, the feed of which will always be somewhere in this website. I prefer to go with this very minimalistic approach of web design, in an attempt to bore you to stay forever. I am planning on watching 8 and 1/2 today, with the hopes it will be an awesome movie.

On something unrelated to movies, well, yes, TROICA - the game I'm pretending to be working on, I feel I may add an action scene with laser de-composing guns. We shall see.

This blog is the product of a genius. Seriously.